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[strong]Checking for a bent tenon[/strong][blockquote]Fitting the foot tenon on a flute is basically the same as fitting the head joint tenon…..with one exception. Because foot joint tenons ... [more]
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[strong]First, a few notes:[/strong][blockquote]-Always straighten the body with the keys ON!!-If the body does NOT have ribbed construction, be extra careful. -Not all flute body mandrels are ... [more]
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Fitting the flute head joint and tenon is something I do on just about every flute that crosses my bench…..even if the fit seems fine. Just because the fit feels snug doesn’t mean that ... [more]
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Flute Key Corking [12/5/2004] admin
For corking flute keys I use Allied's cork cement and natural cork from whatever supplier I last needed to pad an order with. I basically cork all student brands the same with one exception*. Cork ... [more]
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Head Joint Cork [12/5/2004] admin
When the seasons change, and the humidity and temperature drop in the fall, flute head joint corks shrink and can create a leaking point. To replace a head joint cork, do the following:Removing the ... [more]
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My repad and overhaul process are essentially the same with one exception. An overhaul gets the keys and body buffed. A repad does not. Here is my process:Straighten bodyRemove dentsFit headjoint and ... [more]
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Binding C Key [12/5/2004] admin
Ever have a flute with the C key that spins freely on the rod but when assembled, binds with the last quarter turn of locking the shoulder of the rod into the post? The solution is an easy fix - it's ... [more]
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Key groups are single keys assembled on a rod with pins through the key and rod to hold the sections together. The right hand keys (F#, F, E, and D) are a key group as is the left hand section (Bb ... [more]
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Not quite as controversial a topic as how to treat the wood of clarinets but nonetheless, a topic that can become heated among repair technicians, is whether to use a leak light or feeler gauge on ... [more]
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