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Live Repair Clinics Thur., Sept 8 and Fri., Sept 9

admin (9/7/2005)
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Larry Mueller is visiting from Texas and spending 2 days here at the shop. We are recording clinics that will later be edited and made available as streaming videos on the site. The entire two days of clinics are being streamed live through the PROBIRT site as they take place. So, take a break from the bench during the end of summer rush and tune in.

In addition to watching the clinics you'll also be able to "chat" with others watching the clinics and also ask questions of Larry.

(All times are EDT)
10:30-11:00 - oboe adjustment
11:15-12:00 - oboe leaks
12:15-1:00 - cork pads
2:15-3:00 - clarinet "stuff"
3:45-4:15 - jeweler's lathe
9:30-12:30 - metal lathes
1:30-3:00 drill press
3:15-4:45 tool making

Important Details
1. You will need Flash Player installed on your computer to view the clinic. If you're not sure whether you have the software, try viewing the Dana Rivard video. If it plays for you, you're set. If it doesn't, you'll need to download and install the latest Flash Player. (Be sure to UNCHECK the Yahoo Toolbar option or you'll download a bunch of unnecessary junk.) For technical help, contact me before September 7. No help will be given on the clinic days.
2. There is a max of 20 connections per session. In other words, 20 people will be able to view the clinics at a time. Connections will open up 10 minutes prior to each session. The first 20 people that jump in after the connections open will have access to the clinic. If someone leaves during the clinic, a connection will open and someone else can take the spot.
To keep the same people from hogging the spots, all connections will be reset at 10 minutes before the clinic start time. This will require you to refresh your browser (press F5) and log into Probirt before seeing the video again.

Enter Clinic Room

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Questions, comments, and reviews

Clinic RonRobbins (9/9/2005)
The clinic is a great idea. I enjoyed the short time I was able to watch.

Band Instrument Repair Shop
Mesa, Arizona

Streaming videos FredBattershell (9/14/2005)
This was a wonderful idea! Thanks to all who made it happen, unfortunately due to my slow modem,I was unable to make full use of the technology. I'm looking forward to seeing these videos as part of the permanent website.
Fred Battershell
Musical Inst.Workshop


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