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Ultrasonic Cleaner

FredBattershell (10/19/2005)
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Harbor Freightis offering a 1-1/2 quart Ultrasonic Cleaner for $149. The tank size is 4x9x5-1/2.This unit is larger than the small "Cody" unit some of us have and looks like it would be <a href="">swiss replica watches</a> good for cleaning most alto and tenor sax keys as well as pistons and rotors from some of the larger brasses. Harbor Freight item #91957-1HKH.

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Price discrepancies admin (10/22/2005)
Hi Fred,

Doing a search on the Harbor Freight site for the unit brings up a different price.

Maybe the $149 price was in a flyer or in a store? Whichever, I just wanted people to know that when there are price discrepancies between the website, the store, and the flyers, you can take the flyer or a print out of the webpage in to the store and they will honor the lowest price if they have it in stock.

Harbor Freight MarkWeinstein (12/13/2005)
The $149 is still good. When you go to the Harbor Freight website. Look on left hand side. Click on "Order from catalogue". The item number is 91957-1HKH for the 1.5 quart unit (as listed by Mickey). Also, if you enter Coupon Code 797-816-769 you will get a free duffle bag plus $5 bucks off your order. THANKS MICKEY & ALL FOR MAKING THIS A GREAT SITE!

mark weinstein
oklahoma city, ok


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