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Subject Topic: Instrument Manufacturing Going Overseas Post ReplyPost New Topic
Poll Question: Will strikes lead to instrument manufacturing going overseas?
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Joined: March.20.06
Location: United States
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Posted: September.29.06 at 7:55pm | IP Logged Quote smileyrichariho

My full go with the poll...

Do you think strikes, like the one at the Bach plant, will lead to instrument manufacturing companies originally here in the USA moving their manufacturing to overseas?

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Technician & Clinician
Technician & Clinician

Joined: January.20.05
Location: USA
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Posted: October.01.06 at 6:08am | IP Logged Quote LarryMueller

Which came 1st? the chicken or the egg? I think the 2 things are happening
in tandem.
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Joined: April.08.07
Location: United States
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Posted: April.09.07 at 7:18pm | IP Logged Quote motomom

Yes, those guys were crazy for going on strike. Just where do they plan to work if it is moved overseas? I believe, if I am not mistaken, that you can now count the US instrument factories on one hand. And I've heard that Kanstul doesn't hire from outside, he trains all his own workers.

Besides, I have a friend who used to be an exec at Conn-Selmer, and he told me that the buffers on the big low brasses were making freakin' $45 an hour back in the 80's. No wonder those horns are so expensive. Shoot, now they are charging the same amount, and some little 12 year old kid in China is probably making $1.00 an hour, and glad to get it.
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Joined: March.27.06
Location: United States
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Posts: 2
Posted: April.10.07 at 12:41pm | IP Logged Quote Hank

I think it will get worse before it gets better. Conn-Selmer did the Prelude line, and as for our company, I'm glad there is EBAY to unload these instrument shaped objects. C-S does not even carry parts for these horns. First manufacturer to come back to the quality level, in Student Horns, that made them great, I believe, will get the support from the retailers, and eventually, the musicians who will once again, learn on horns that don't bend and break when you play them.

Wether overseas or stateside, when quality products are linked with quality service, it's a winning combination.

Until then, the companies are going to race to cheaper labor. They will use reclaimed brass to build junk horns and parts will be not available.

It may be the best thing to happen to us. All your used American made horns just went up in value.

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Joined: January.11.05
Location: Canada
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Posts: 3
Posted: April.19.07 at 5:24pm | IP Logged Quote HansMartini

For all the anti union guys.--Yeah, there could be compromises made, but the stockholders want more money for their investment. To compete that $45 an hour guy is going to have to work for $2 a day, live in a factory and visit his family once or twice a year. Let's get some perspective here. Unions have a purpose and that is to be able to bargain in good faith with the powers that be (corporations). Widen your perspective a bit and figure out what fair wages and prices should be. How about $1.00 an hour for repairs to that $200 saxophone from China? Actually they're built to throw away. No warranty, no parts, no service. I can hardly wait for the first Chinese made cars to arrive. The US (and Canada) have the highest spread between rich and poor in the world. Who's being greedy here. Myself, I'm not interested in a salary of multi-millions a year. I would give most of it away.
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