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PROBIRT Example Tips

Lazy Susan

Lazy susan

A friend made me a lazy susan to hold all the "liquids" I keep on my bench - contact cement, Loctites, several viscosities of key oils, penetrating oils, denatured alcohol dispenser, super glue gel, lapping compound, water sprayer, etc, etc, etc. They stay in a small compact place and yet are all easily accessible.

Lazy Susan

Tone Hole Gauge with Light

Tone hole gauge with lightThis is a tone hole gauge to check whether a flute tone hole is flat/level. Turn the light on, sit the gauge on the tone hole and you can see where your high and low spots are. This is great for those who push tone holes up from the bore instead of filing; You can check your progress without having to take the flute off the dent rod or mandrel. Also great if you don't like to leave a leak light in a flute while you're working on the tone holes because of the flute getting warm and your hands sweating. It's available from Straubinger Flutes