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Initial Inspection for Bassoon Repairs [10/22/2005] admin   Written by: Chip Owen
A properly made inspection of any instrument prior to initiating repair procedures can do much toreveal the physical problems of the instrument. Such an inspection must examine the physical body of ... [more]
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Adjusting the Whisper Key [10/22/2005] admin   Written by: Chip Owen
Getting a bassoon's whisper key system properly adjusted is a basic part of every bassoon repair service. It is also a job commonly attempted by bassoonists. A improperly adjusted whisper key can be ... [more]
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Pad Openings [10/22/2005] admin   Written by: Chip Owen
This chart shows how to measure key openings and what the approximate keys openings of bassoons should be...[p align="center" style="clear:both;"][a ... [more]
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Water Damage [10/22/2005] admin   Written by: Chip Owen
Water is the greatest enemy of a bassoon. Moisture is primarily introduced into the bassoon by the player. Failure to control the moisture, both by daily care and by periodic maintenance can ... [more]
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Refinishing—To Do or Not To Do, That Is the Question! [10/22/2005] admin   Written by: Chip Owen
Bassoons are long lived instruments. A properly maintained instrument is capable of a usable life wellin excess of half a century. Any instrument that lasts that long will inevitably need to undergo ... [more]
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Removing Bassoon Bands [10/22/2005] admin   Written by: Chip Owen
The body bands of the bassoon's wing, boot and bell joints rarely need to come off but when it becomes necessary they can often prove difficult to remove....[p align="center" ... [more]
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Restoration of Bassoon Bass Joint Tenons [10/22/2005] admin   Written by: Chip Owen
This procedure is useful when splits in a bass joint tenon have weakened the integrity of atenon. The tenon must be complete with no missing pieces. This procedure can even be done to fragile tenons ... [more]
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Screw Threads on Fox and Renard Instruments [10/22/2005] admin   Written by: Chip Owen
The following table of information provides screw thread information and usage on Fox and Renard Instruments. Bassoon and Contrabassoon Threads...[p align="center" ... [more]
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Socket Liners [10/22/2005] admin   Written by: Chip Owen
All wooden bassoon normally have a metal socket liner in the boot joint lining the socket for the wingjoint tenon. These can cause a couple of different problems....[p align="center" ... [more]
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Split Sockets [10/22/2005] admin   Written by: Chip Owen
Splits in the sockets of bassoons are not uncommon. Repairs to unlined sockets require special approaches because of the thin oily wood surrounding the splits. Lined sockets also have splitting ... [more]
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