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Flute Padding [1/31/2005] admin
This article is for mass produced flutes. Handmade flutes are another ballgame.[strong]Pick Your Approach[/strong]There seems to be two main approaches to flute padding. 1.Use a pad with soft felt ... [more]
One of the most common (and irritating) problems with piston valves is their propensity to stick, whether intermittently or consistently. And when there is major damage to a valve or casing, ... [more]
The method used to straighten the hinge tubes of woodwind keys will likely depend on:What length of hinge tube you are working with.How bent the tube is. Whether you can still get the rod the entire ... [more]
About 8 years ago, I started studying machining. I wanted to do some repairs which could not successfully be done with hand tools alone. I had little idea what the basic machine tools were, or how ... [more]
I recently made three changes in the way I work and it's made a HUGE difference. [strong]Feeler Gauge Handle[/strong][img src="" ... [more]
[p]I just got home from the Straubinger Workshop and thought I'd share my experience with everyone.[/p][p][strong]ABOUT STRAUBINGER[/strong][img ... [more]
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After working in music stores for 15 years, doing a couple thousand repairs a year, I found myself flustered because I was unable to replace cracked or chipped tone holes. For many repairmen, this ... [more]
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[p]This article assumes that:[br /] -Padding is excellent[br /] -Bent keys have been straightened[br /]-Spring tensions have been set[br /] -All key corks are present, in good condition, and are in ... [more]
Organization Makes it so Easy! [12/8/2004] KenMiller   Written by: test00
I have learned over many years to be organized. The more the better. Keeping things in order will save you money and lots of time. Have a place for everything and ALWAYS put it there when finished ... [more]
I refer to the pad retaining grommets on open-hole flutes.Before I bought Ferree's #P60 Rotary Valve Bearing Tool for shrinking these, I made a shrinking die, which in some ways is better. For a ... [more]


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