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PROBIRT Newsletter - February 22, 2006

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A live, online clinic has been scheduled for Tuesday, March 7, 2006 at 12:00 PM (EST). swiss replica watches Gary Emery of Marty’s Music in PA (USA) will be presenting a 45-minute guitar clinic designed for the band instrument repair technician. If your shop duties include guitar repair or if you’ve ever thought about learning guitar repair, this is a must see clinic. You will be able to communicate with and ask questions of Gary during the clinic by using the chat feature. See the live clinic demo for more info on how the live clinics work –

Guitar Clinic Outline:

Simple set-up - Gary's quick string replacement
Action - relief, neck adjustments, string heights, bridges and saddles
Intonation - acoustic vs. electric
Electronics - soldering basics
Typical problems and troubleshooting techniques

A link to the clinic page will be posted on the PROBIRT website on the morning of March 7th. In the meantime, be sure the Macromedia/Adobe Flash plug-in is installed on your computer. (If you can successfully view any of the streaming videos on the site, then you’ve got the plug-in installed.) Please contact us BEFORE March 7th if you are having difficulty. No technical support for this will be given on the day of the clinic.



There is still room on the March 2006 Video Tour for one more stop (possibly two if both are west of the Mississippi). See the February 14th newsletter for more information -
If you are interested in participating, contact me at by 5:00 PM (EST) Friday, February 24th.



More videos have been added to the PROBIRT website since the last newsletter:

- Neal Anderson covers a variety of topics including valve and casing repair, trombone slide straightening and dent removal, and trumpet and saxophone modifications.
- Carl Votaw demonstrates his Saxophone Work Fixture and discusses its benefits.
- Karsten Gloger’s Saxophone Neck video is translated and transcribed from Dutch to English.


Thanks for reading,
Michelle Williamson


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