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PROBIRT Newsletter - June 12, 2006

admin (6/15/2006)
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It’s been a while since the last PROBIRT newsletter but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been hard at work. On the contrary. We’ve been too busy to put a newsletter together. We’ve added many quality videos and articles to the site, the PROBIRT Store is back, and there are a few projects in various stages to be unveiled in the coming months.

Below is a list of the latest videos. Watch the SAMPLE EXCERPTS at the links provided in the listings below.

Silencing Rotor Valves (85minutes)

This excellent, in-depth clinic is given by David Laws and is divided into a three part series:

Part 1 - Preliminary Info
Dial-up Excerpt (4 min)
Broadband Excerpt (4min)
After a short introduction, David Laws goes over information needed to demonstrate how to silence rotary valves. You'll witness the difference between a noisy valve and one that has been silenced, determine whether the horn is a good candidate for the work, and become familiar with the tools and supplies needed to complete the job. David also covers a number of basics such as nomenclature, how valves work, the various rotor and spindle shapes, and how the valves wear.

Part 2 - Removing Side Play
Dial-up Excerpt (3 min)
Broadband Excerpt (3 min)
David continues his Silencing Rotor Valves clinic with the process of removing the side play from the rotor bearings and spindles. He shows how to choose the correct collet, what happens if the wrong sized collet is used, and how to do the job effectively to be sure it will last.

Part 3 - Removing End Play
Dial-up Excerpt (4 min)
Broadband Excerpt (4 min)
David then removes the end play from the rotor casings. He also includes additional information on silencing linkage arms, alternative methods for removing end play, and reviews of other tools available for silencing rotor valves.


Price Versus Value (4 minutes)

This short video is an absolute must for all professional repair technicians that have chronic difficulty charging their customers what they should. The information presented has literally been a life-changing revelation for more than one repair tech!


Oiling Rotor Valves (3 minutes)

David Laws demonstrates a method for oiling French horn rotors that gets the oil where it needs to go to do its job without disassembly. This video is available without subscription. You can view it in its entirety at:
You are also welcome to link to it from your own website for your customers.


Quick Tips (4 minutes)

Ben Schildgen of West Music offers a few time saving tips on case repair, soldering, and chem cleans.
Shop Tools and Supplies (20 minutes)
Peter Hart takes us around his shop at West Music and discusses the various dent tools and their uses and woodwind supplies. This video is a shop overview for technicians new to the trade. Peter also gives several dent removal tips and tricks for the seasoned technicians.


Jeweler's Lathe (34 minutes)

Dial-up Excerpt (3 min)
Broadband Excerpt (3 min)
Larry Mueller uses a jeweler's lathe to demonstrate basic lathe operations as they apply to the band instrument repair shop, including turning a saxophone post. This video was recorded during a live, online clinic session. Questions come from participants through the live clinic chat module.


Guitar Setup and Basic Repair (63 minutes)

Dial-up Excerpt (7 min)
Broadband Excerpt (7 min)
Gary Emery discusses and demonstrates how to setup, troubleshoot, and fix some common problems with guitars using tools you already have in your band instrument repair shop. This clinic was originally broadcast live online on March 7, 2006. It is presented here in its edited version.
Topics include:
- Replacing strings
- Setup
- adjusting the neck via the truss rod
- adjusting the orientation of the neck to the body
- saddle height adjustments
- nut adjustments
- adjusting the string height
- rehydrating to cure adjustment problems
- Getting the guitar in tune with itself
- Repairing the input jack
- Electronics

Thanks for reading,
Michelle Williamson



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