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ProBIRT Newsletter - June 1, 2005

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Charter Membership Certificates

The concept of PROBIRT is progressive for an industry that’s been doing many things the same way for decades. Simply using the benefits of today’s technology for educational purposes puts the PROBIRT member ahead of many stagnant repair techs. And you are one of the few repair technicians in the world smartly taking advantage of this technology.

As a member of PROBIRT from the beginning, you are being recognized as a charter member. For your forward-thinking attitude toward our craft, you are being presented with a charter member certificate from PROBIRT. Those who join PROBIRT before the end of 2005 will be entitled to this distinction so spread the word.

To receive your certificate, you must be a full member….meaning you must be using your first name followed by your last as your username…..with posting privileges. If this is the case, once you log into the site, you’ll see a “Member Certificate” box just below the login box in the right-hand column. Click on this and follow the instructions.

But PROBIRT is still in its infancy….5 months (less 4 days) old to be exact. There is already quite a bit of valuable information accumulated on the site. Imagine what there will be 5 years from now…..and all archived and searchable!

PROBIRT-Wear and Accessories

Show your customers you’re serious about your work by dressing the part. Wear clothes that have, “I’m a professional band instrument repair technician” written all over them! Take a look at the ProBIRT-wear and accessories. There are T-shirts of every style and size available with a cool musical design. Or choose one of the neat accessories.

Thanks for reading. Send any questions, comments, or suggestions regarding to


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  • (10/6 12:46) DriverDrobina: Is this site still active?
  • (10/6 12:45) DriverDrobina: I have the same concern
  • (6/2 17:51) Wailinfree: is this site still active?
  • (6/2 17:51) Wailinfree: is this site still active?
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  • (5/25 5:17) BENSCHILDGEN: It seemed as if it was silver brazed together
  • (5/25 5:17) BENSCHILDGEN: It seemed as if it was silver brazed together
  • (5/25 5:9) BENSCHILDGEN: I had an old tuba that I could not get it apart.
  • (5/25 5:8) BENSCHILDGEN: I just do not know much about the whole mechainsm
  • (5/24 14:2) dparker: How can I help with the clock springs?
  • (5/24 14:2) dparker: How can I help with the clock springs?
  • (4/26 7:20) BENSCHILDGEN: I need info on tubas with clocksprings for levers
  • (4/4 8:34) dparker: Indeed! I will be posting more soon!ore soon!
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